Fortnite Battle: Royale - Using the NEW Epic + Legendary BURST assault rifle! :D
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  • kaitlyn domville

    People are caking you trash

  • Kate Wilson

    Your the best at everything Ali a

  • George

    You copied Pewdiepie's intro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111

  • Miguel Llenado


  • Dantdm Sucks

    I just came for the intro..

  • Devin Bailey

    I just almost won a game of fortnite and it is all thanks to u and your video's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fortnite cat

    It says famas really

  • Cole Miller

    I know how to consume things not conshume

  • Homie Gabe

    I just noticed you play on ps4

  • Takitdown

    Intro is lethal boys

  • K-Play

    LLAMA, I can’t help but shout whenever I see one, I make a point of beating it open too 🤭

  • Pat O Donoghue

    My favourite gun was always an ar so i hate burst and hate all the burst even legendary ones i hate the burst ar al the way like if u hate burst

  • Ali-A

    ‪The NEW Epic + Legendary burst rifle is here! 🔫‬‪Do you think you’ll use this over the Scar? 🤔‬

  • Dillon Garcia

    Get carried u trash can

  • BLG_Phyper

    Intro is what i needed, Alia, the worst fortnite player out there

  • Jennifer Diaz

    jmNo lo Kopp mi lo 0 o o. ,,vhjkkkkknjkoooop0p0

  • gaminglover18

    do a axe only challenge were you can not use anything but an axe and you have to get the dub

  • Bobby Tyner

    You ran past a sniper

  • TazTheAwesome

    19:21 When is ur invisible glider in the store?

  • BlueFox414

    I just found out my wife cheated on me for a black guy 0:14

  • Brian Kealy

    The apples are at dusty divot

  • I am a Waffle

    7:02 ALI-A: “is it 2 people left or is it 1 PEOPLE left”.

  • John Parks

    dude his face in every single thumbnail is the same it is so annoying

  • NasAndYax Vlogs

    What camera do use to record?

  • Germanshepard Productions

    Best clickbaiter ever

  • Ko gamingnscootering 9

    Ali-A what happened to your recording

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