Google Chrome Signage Webinar presented by Cloudbakers

Google Chrome Signage 101: Thank you to everyone who tuned in live during the webinar! To get in touch with the Chrome experts, please reach out to
  • Michael Spencer

    Seems overly complex compared to many other streamlined digital sign solutions.

  • malek sethi

    In case the wifi coverage doesn't exit in specific area , How we can connect 3G ou 4G modem to the chromebox ? . Thank you .

  • Michael Wiley

    Good tut but you totally glazed over the setup of the device for google admin. You can't follow any of the steps with out that. And then you didn't make a tutorial about it. Thanks a lot

  • Alvin C

    Can google signage work with a touch screen tv?

  • Jon Freer

    Great video that got me up and running. The only issue I have is that the Chromebit does not automatically load a new slide show when I upload a new config file in the Admin console. It will come up if I reboot the Chromebit, but that's not very practical for many locations. Have you run into this at all? Any settings I should check out or other fixes for this? Thanks again. Really super helpful info!

  • Srivastava Trade & Services Enterprises

    It was quite informative!

  • Manish Bhardwaj

    Hi, Thank you for that, but i have question that if this presentation unfortunate crash, so what should i do that automatic present continue. what configuration?? please help.

  • hawtstickybun

    Thanks for the video, any reason as to why when I upload the configuration file the Chromebit won't refresh? I always find myself having to reboot the device from device management before the changes take place.

  • Silvija Siksniute

    hi say if you loose internet connection, does the screen freeze on present screen or does it go blank or what happens

  • Aspen Tech

    Looking for a solution to be able to display a short looping video on our school lobby display. I can insert the URL to the video in Google Siides but it will not play automatically when displayed via chrome sign builder. Any suggestions is appreciated.

  • lmewshaw

    Cloudbakers, thanks for doing this demo - very helpful.   Is it possible for example to sequence up something like a presentation, then a video, then a dashboard, then another presentation?

  • edwin martinez

    Hi, If the chromebit lost connection of internet, the presentation continue working? I can to have saved the information in the memory and only connect to internet when I need change the schedule

  • Daniel N.

    Was wondering if you knew how to make image fill screen in vertical mode?

  • marc monnette

    Am I correct in assuming that there is no way to build a configuration that facilitates accessing content behind an authentication layer? i.e. a web site, slide resource or other media that requires login credentials? There is no content our organization would care to display that we would expose publicly without access controls.Do you know of a solution to provide credentials for a target uri? i.e. in the configuration json or through federation, or some such.

  • Zim O.E

    after setting up all that up on the chrome dashboard, how do you get the chromebit to display the contents, do you launch another app, how do you link it to the chromebit?

  • Andrew Urban

    How do I get chrome sign builder installed? It's not in the market place??

  • Shahnaz Gulzar

    how much does it cost? I need to make signage for a pizza and donair resturant!

  • Growing Better Gardens

    I can see how you can split a screen with the awkwardly worded "top left" and "top right" at 50%... but if I have 2 physically separate screens positioned right next to each other, I am assuming I need two chromebits, one in each TV... but then how do we sync them? I suspect an even fraction of a second difference will occur when its looping through. Is there a way to extend the display of one device to 2 screens? Basically, I want to have the functionality of this back end system your demoing here, to be able to send an image onto two screens, side by side... split down the middle, but managed by ONE single device. I need to be able to "extend" the display to 2 screens, not "mirror".Any solutions?

  • Nammalvar Vijayagopal

    How do you split the screen to two? Current option are fullscreen or 1/4 screen on the corner you choose. I would like to split the screen into two halves.

  • dario frescofiore

    in italy it doesn't work..why

  • Edgar Soto Lomeli

    Es mucho rollo para unas pantallitas no? es mejor otra soluciones. Esta muy trillado solo texto e imagenes.

  • Lcd media digital signage advertising video screen display player

    that's great!

  • RIKR Fitness

    If you were to play the same 3 videos all day, would the chromebit play each video from cache, or stream each video each time?

  • RCHS Info

    Currently I am only able to manage Chrome Sign Builder schedule from the original computer I first set it up with. When I try to sign into another computer (same Google credentials) and manage my schedule, the schedule is blank. What am I missing? Thanks

  • Russell Dodds

    Very good informative presentation, just what I to try and convince the powers that be to make the swap from our current digital signage product!


    Can you send info to multiple tv from one dashboard ?

  • Saurabh Suman

    When I search for Chrome Sign builder on the webstore I do not find the app. has it been removed from the store.

  • RCHS Info

    Thanks for making this video!! The only issue I'm having is this: I have about 16 slides in my Google Slides presentation that I am attempting to display on my Chromebit. The first slide loads, but it never advances. I have my slideshow publish settings set up for auto-advance every 5 seconds--as well as set to restart slideshow after it ends. What am I doing wrong? Thanks

  • Aspen Tech!msg/docs/MrfXu4h7GlI/HTrvHBizAwAJ

  • Andreas Macht

    Hey there, that seems a very scalable solution. However, how do you manage a multiple display wall, say 9 displays, with Chrome Sign Builder in infinity mode (=splitting the slide show or video among 9 monitors) and mosaic mode (=controlling the content of each display individually)? Does Sign Builder offer this mechanism which should be a common feature of modern commercial use cases.

  • Julio Cesar Beltran

    Where is the app, is not on market anymore?

  • Prashant Shah

    How you add weather?

  • McIntosh County not in app store

  • GoshenTechnology

    thanks for this excellent demo!

  • John Gonzalez

    Excuse my lack of knowledge, but the url you type in the schedule section where do you get that url from? or where can i make a url to upload my menu picture i made?

  • Brian B

    is there any function to display a twitter feed?

  • KAL AL

    Thanks Cloudbreakers for creating most intuitive video on Chrome management and Chrome sign builder that i have come across so far. I have a quick question, when showing the google trends dashboard you just uploaded the file. I was wondering what link was used in the schedule to create that?

  • Yianni Venizelos

    Great video! Sorry if I missed a part where you were explaining this, but I was just wondering if the content will still be displayed if the internet connection drops?

  • NSLAS Shore

    Awesome! Love the flexibility to use like say a student morning news? Would this be possible to push morning news directly to student management chromebook???

  • Michael Wiley

    All i'm looking at is a white screen

  • Kajen Jegatheesan

    Hello,First of all a great video! Is it possible that for example one device can handle multiple monitors / LCD Screens? And what is the name of the device?

  • Fresh.Mootz

    Can I run this from a Raspberry Pi 3 B+? Can I install Chrome OS on the Raspberry Pi and access this from the internet?

  • Daugavpils 13.vidusskola

    so streaming with webcam also works?

  • Paul Salah

    Mike, thanks for the great video. Wondering if you can help me: I have enrolled my chromebit, put it in the right group, and set all my toggles and settings like you have but it is not responding. Furthermore, when I disable it in the admin console, the chromebit does not change at all and is still accessible. I have wiped and restored it with no luck. Have you had this problem of the chrome device not responding to changes in the admin console? Thanks

  • Richard Humphrey

    Great presentation..I would love to know how you did the server pings that possible to get

  • james bonneau

    I set this up on a chromebox, and all works well except when I change the config file the sign does not update. I have to reboot the sign chromebox to get the new sign.

  • Gary Edmonds

    This was extremely helpful, thank you very much for posting. I would have never figured all this out without this tutorial. Bravo!!

  • Rick Humphrey

    Is there anyway to move the schedule to another computer or do you have to start from scratch every time you change computers meaning you can not modify the current running schedule

  • matt vorwald

    is there any way to add web content to the slide show? I'd like to add a darksky weather map to one of the slides?

  • Robert Hildinger

    I can not find where you would add a device leaving no way to actually use the software on the Chrome Bit. I have also called/emailed over 25 different digital sign services, most do not support the Chrome Bit device. I guess this explains why Google does not support it either for digital signage. You can not find anything on the internet outside of this video, and this video skips over how to get the device where sign builder can see it. I was able to find one digital sign service on line (viewneo) that worked with Chrome Bit, however you are limited to JPG images only. It seems that Digital Signage is just getting started so maybe in a few years there will be more options to use Chrome Bit, right now it looks like a waste of time.

  • Office Edmar-Insurance

    to bad this is no longer available

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