The Bully Brawls | Lawbringer & Centurion Brawls | For Honor

For Honor Brawls w/ Lawbringer & Centurion

Today we took the Lawbringer and Centurion into some brawls, I had requests for Cent, LB, and brawls, so I decided to do all 3 at once. I hope y'all enjoy this video, if you do be sure to like and subscribe, also hit the notification bell so you never miss a livestream or an upload!

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  • The Redhawk

    Bruh, we are literally best friends. I use lb and centurion all the time as well, especially for the YT content (montage of them incase you like that sort of stuff: ) Not sure if you add ps4 friends from your YT but if you do mine is redhawk_killer02

  • polecat324's death counter

    how do you kick them in the face when theyre stunned?

  • CenturionYT

    Just love turtling kenseis and turtles in general such a stimulating fight

  • DragonZPlayZ

    That level 15 kensei was a good player.

  • Final Cartoon

    alright, centurion says "incredibilis" when he dies the punch, "incontinens with unblockable charged heavy, "infirmus" with "cutscene" and "Etiam" if the enemy lives after a "cutscene". "pugna non perfecta est" when doing the uppercut execution and "movete" with the ala lacts est execution. i did this so you might stop misspronouncing the voice lines.....

  • Dnk Dnk

    sup bro, finally got my pc fixed which means more content lmao

  • Kal El Valladares

    When you repeated the Centurion Shout I died a bit inside.

  • Luca Peluso

    Latin tell eziam not etiam. Ti become zi

  • Rickyx to

    hey toxic, I am new to the game, so what character will you recommend me to play?

  • pixelnassisin

    See i could've been rep 60 cent before you, but i said fuck it and gave up on him until he gets fixed or becomes more fun than tiandi is looking (i know hes only rep 50, im just saying for when he does reach rep 60)

  • Spotable

    Do people know that with kensei, you can get a light finisher after swift strike and helm splitter? Most kensei’s I see do his top unblockable after swift strike and soft feint in to a side heavy

  • Jorge Díaz Marchena

    Top characters!!! stop hurting poor Conq boys! STOP IT

  • Alex Chu

    How dare u put ur noob like video on YouTube,u r really brave dude

  • Paxton Cash

    Take this from a prestige 40 kensei. If your facing a kensei they are going to through zones a lot.

  • TheEliteKing55

    Wanna fight u one day

  • The1ShotGod

    did you see the bot name unsubscribe lol

  • Lord_ _Emeth

    Centurion forever.Fear the might of Rome

  • iTz Kuhhriizmuh

    im going to be honest i have no clue how you keep your cool when a kensei turtles and spams zone

  • prharambe

    will there be a stream today

  • Alden Toca

    i looked at your roster and i am both proud and depressed

  • Im a Conservative Deal With It

    This must be master staple

  • Spiros Stogios

    Why so excited about a zone parry?

  • Giacomo Carrara

    Your mates were all shit, un-fucking-believable

  • ONExpunchxMAN15

    Oh baby it's daddy toxic

  • ethan meadows

    He’s like I messed it up when he hit him with the unblockable when he was getting up and still managed to stun him to knock him on the ground

  • Psycho Ocelot

    like the slow-mos, my dude

  • Dominic Wilson

    Bro that kensei sucks and so do you dude all you do with lawbringer is light and you keep lighting from the top and than you won't do an area to kill then like jesus also kenseis area is so easy to block like wow your complaining over him being a turtle when you can just turtle yourself I mean I don't do it cause I can kill people who turtle so it doesn't matter for me

  • Beamers Too Fast

    10:40 best part of the video thank you come again😂

  • Dr_Nevoy

    U get mad salty this video lmao

  • ToasterZball _Vc

    Wanna be toxic conquer and cent nobushi and shamin

  • Oo MarkeT oO

    I do play for Honor a lot on console almost rep 30, but can someone explain why lawbringer is a weak character and why he needs a buff.

  • Omelette

    Are you going to be mixing and matching the new cent gear or are you gonna just wear the full new creta set

  • Matthew Gerndt

    you should make a purple/black outfit for centurion.

  • Red Death

    Wow!Wow!Wow! - Raider 2018

  • WolfAJK

    Better video, the commentary felt more fluid (including the silent moments). I was rooting for you on some fights so I’m positive this video is different to others, keep up whatever you’re doing in this.

  • Fromage Du Pays

    18:11 wait, shouldn't you get this top heavy ?

  • Foxeh

    No stop in the grind 💪💯

  • Jacob Moreno

    This guy talks like he's black and it's not okay

  • Jorge Díaz Marchena

    18:53 that latin is DOPE, im joking love your channel

  • ImMrNoodles

    Love the variety bro, keep up the good uploads BEAST!

  • Román Boy

    Can’t wait for the new lawbringer armor I’m going as Apollyon for Halloween with my lawbringer

  • Adrian Sandovsl

    Keep up the good work toxic I luv me some law bro action

  • Adrian Sandovsl

    Btw centurion looked like a Christmas cent with the color pattern of red an green

  • Jinx Apex

    People who play samurai are weeps

  • Khalid Khattak Usman


  • ChaosTides

    First bot name was unsubscribe

  • Podo Mixel

    That 1st round lost is his fault for continuously using a top light

  • you don't know

    You have improved on your Latin congards :D

  • Roman Boi

    Nice vid fam what rep are u with lawdaddy

  • BrotherCiciro

    All centurion does is kick uninterrupted, light repeat

  • Mádai Áron

    9:49 soundStory mod bug

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