Game Theory: Will PUBG SHUT DOWN Fortnite? (Fortnite PUBG Lawsuit)

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I've talked A LOT about Fortnite on this channel, but today we are delving into something new - the PUBG vs Fortnite lawsuit! PUBG is claiming Fortnite infringed on its copyright with the "battle royale" style gameplay. So for you, Loyal Theorists, I made myself a quick guide to Korean copyright law to tell YOU whether or not PUBG can LEGALLY shut down Fortnite!

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  • The Star Wars Nerd

    I play PUBG and Fortnite

  • Cupcom5

    6:05with all of those FNAF fan games out there, I'm pretty sure majority of them are.

  • Alec McLeran

    Lawsuit was dropped. It was silly in the first place.

  • Someone random around the Internet

    Anyone remember The Culling?Yes the first game with the Battle Royale mode.I think...

  • Josh Sengupta

    Or for me, the fan game vid is riiight there. points to video on the right

  • Elizabeth Kenoff

    Now looks like entire internet doesn’t make sense literally

  • Mia Nash

    I hope fortnite loses, I hate it. Pubg is so much better of a game

  • HARVEY B20 9000

    Look it's your opinion of which is better but both will die, and new trend will take over and from then on it's a snowball effect it will go on forever...

  • toppolthecat

    Minecraft Survival games is the original. Often imitated, never duplicated.

  • Danger wave

    Fort ie came out first so want you mean

  • Nicholas Phinney

    Pubg is a lot better than fortnite because fortnite's fanbase is 95% made of 9 year olds so fortnite can go die in a hole from were it came from

  • spyrothetimelord

    I love the "today's episode" title you gave because that's so true. I get too lazy to do it. also, interesting because ever since i first saw fortnite i figured pubg would sue but i'm a bit shocked about all this to be honest. Thanks for another great video!

  • itsZapManiac Official

    Pubg: WarFortnite: Gay WarMinecraft hunger games: Spain WarRules of survival: Clone WarRoblox battle royale: dabs in 2018BEGONE THOT

  • Josh Sengupta

    Fortnite’s gonna die? YAAAAY!! 😀😀😀😀

  • Enderslayer 1987

    matpat u forgot something. Fortnite has an advantage over pubg by the gaming community. For example if roblox decided that they want to sue Minecraft, Minecraft has a slightly bigger community than Roblox meaning there would be a lot of hate towards Roblox and that would mean the same to pubg. If they did succeed in the prosses of getting rid of Fortnite, it would cause a massive uproar from the Fortnite community, other battle royal games, around another five hundred thousand to One million other people, propably cause the internet and social medias to explode full of stories about the fall of epic games, mabye even some companies shuting down in fear they are next, and finally, even a chance of pubg players showing hate to the game and even it getting pubg banned in some countries, allthough blueskies productions would get alot of money, there'd be a significant amount of backfire towards pubg

  • FR0STB1T3

    Fortnite is nicePUBG is goodI can't decideSo can you

  • TheGamingGirl Carvajal

    Pubg should not be saying that is a copyright because fortnite acually started in 2012 pubg started like 2016-2017 while the battle royale games became more popular Epic games decided to drop the battle royale so it leads to another theory that fortnite is not a copyright. Fortnite is more original than pubg because fortnite has save the world and that game mode its been since 2012 but its not been popular thats why so no demands on FortniteIm not saying that i dont like the theory that you got matpat

  • Sam11 Minecraft Tutorials - More

    If PubG shuts fortnite down, a lot fortnite players start hating PubG and the game will get a lot players quitting it.So that isn't a smart choiceAnyways, PubG won't get fortnite shut down that fast as you see how huge that game and its community is

  • shootyman

    While we sit astride this player gap and feed them down into the lava slowly, let us remember: PubG and Fortnight are just deathmatch or team deathmatch in an arena with an area restriction. It's really not original AT ALL, excepting the addition of the area restriction.

  • Ronny Verastegui

    PUBG is so salty they ain’t receiving as much money too a FREE game lol!! 😂😂

  • thatnice guy

    Dont mind me just playin cod 4 instead of these two shitty games

  • Maks Benedek

    Lol pubg is faking the battle pass

  • Lightning Fox

    This case shouldn’t be a thing.

  • Deadpool Boy

    Lets be honest thats like Sony(PUBG) sewing Disney(Fortnight)

  • JG 1212

    I think if South Korea does make pubg win and start a copy right revolution then they are gonna be demolished by USA using their own copy right laws against them or even worst I don’t think they should use those outdated laws for their case against USA mostly because they have so many things that would make them get sue because of copyright in their own terms and laws and that’s a battle that they can’t win mostly because USA is too much of a powerful ally or opponent in this case.


    But h1z1 was the 1st battle royal

  • Mega Absol Jr

    They both should be lawsuited because they copied the original battle royal MINECRAFT HUNGER GAMES

  • Ellis J.

    hello, korean here. actually, KOREA BECAME FREE FROM JAPAN IN 1948! highly insulted.

  • NormalPasta 370

    wutwutwutwutwutwutmy gosh

  • patrick Mejia

    We got one more game left its Read more

  • FlimsyShots

    This was uploaded on my birthday

  • Sam11 Minecraft Tutorials - More

    You know which is the best?Minecraft hunger games!

  • I n g r i d M.

    bitch that’s why i play pixel gun.

  • ISeeU

    U Guys Spent Time On Battle Royales Not ROBLOX

  • Square64 Lapsha

    O god, so stupid, why you can t said that battle royal was map in hizi

  • anthony

    Hey matpat h1 did it first

  • Tilitus

    HAhaha never going to happen. There is nothing original with PUBG.

  • Michigan Minecraft

    Blue hole... More like but hole.

  • David Santamaria

    Didn't fortnite come first

  • Rafaelgaming The Guy The Fail At Explaning

    Both Games Are Horrible.

  • Cant-Think Of-a-Username-yet

    Buy for High Quality

  • Josh Sengupta

    7:43 BUT there’s still half the video left!

  • IceTrend Universe

    The end of Fortnite is like 🌎💥💥🔥🔥

  • Oky Cahya

    But can we copystrike FORTNITE??

  • Jae Freeman

    This is interesting...

  • JohntechFL

    I think the saddest part is they are both litterally copies of other battle royale games.

  • That Weird Guy

    Pubg is just salty that a lot of player left for fortnite cuz fortnite is better

  • David Santamaria

    And pub you can't build or use jump pads is insane no one cares about pub

  • Slinker Minks

    Screw PUBG man. Not because I don't personally prefer the game, or because I like Fortnite better (attack me in the comments idc), but because they can't handle one piece of competition. I get the Knives Out and ROS cases, but Fortnite took the gamemode to another level with building, weapons and a lot of other mechanics. PUBG didn't even come up with the Battle Royale mode to begin with, and, anyways, Fortnite isn't even using their EXACT idea in the first place with the previously stated add-ons like building, different weapons, shields, etc. For PUBG to complain that another company/game is using a similar gamemode that they didn't even fully create is just childish to me. Bluehole needs to chill out and realize that they can't have a hissy fit over anything and everything and having breakdowns won't win you every fight, in some cases it'll make you look like a fool.

  • Brian Kristofer Perez

    The phoenix wright on the thumbnail made me cough

  • Baylee S.

    I hope fortnite gets removed from exsistance. It's SUPER toxic!

  • The Epic DJ

    You know what, your right, f o r t n ı t e should be taken down because they started taking stuff from P U B G and other stuff I don't know

  • BHG BlackHoleGaming

    Fortnite deserves to be taken down by PUBG! As PUBG is the original and was released first and all the stuff matpat said...

  • Leona Trott

    Is it bad when you put the " bad games" on one side and good games on the other that I own all the bad games

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