Game Theory: Will PUBG SHUT DOWN Fortnite? (Fortnite PUBG Lawsuit)

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I've talked A LOT about Fortnite on this channel, but today we are delving into something new - the PUBG vs Fortnite lawsuit! PUBG is claiming Fortnite infringed on its copyright with the "battle royale" style gameplay. So for you, Loyal Theorists, I made myself a quick guide to Korean copyright law to tell YOU whether or not PUBG can LEGALLY shut down Fortnite!

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  • Pro gaming Lucas Frances

    So pubg doesn’t want to have a kid freindly version of pubg?……harsh

  • Unreal Phoenix

    4:43 this is going to be awsome!!!

  • Arthur Pendragon

    lol people like to say these games stole from minecraft hunger games....but minecraft hunger games stole from the hunger games movies/book series. the name especially.....also....isn't minecraft hunger games just a mod or something for minecraft? therefore it doesn't have the same freedom an actuall seperate game has.

  • RayRexDex

    when you born was the first battle royale you win out of a lot of your fathers sperm xD

  • Manmohan Sidhu

    5 months later Fortnite is the #1 battle royale game

  • Chiwawa Playz

    If it does I'm going to be very happy I'm going to do the L dance

  • Ian Nicol

    This is just another case of big companies getting so blinded by money they forget where they're coming from - Like Universal Studio's trying to sue Nintendo for Donkey Kong only to have the case dismissed when it was revealed Universal stole King Kong years earlier in the first place by arguing it had become public domain.The truth is, while you can copyright a version or presentation of a genre you can't copyright a Genre itself and Battle Royal is a Genre.Going even further PUBG is a MOD of H1Z1 which is a MOD of a MOD of a MOD of a MOD of Counter Strike which is in itself a MOD of Half Life. So even without the Genre, EVERYTHING in their game aside from the very very few new innovations such as the butt guarding frying pan are off the table as things they can claim ownership of. And EVEN WITH the frying pan they cannot copy right the concept or image of a person wearing a frying pan and that frying pan stopping bullets - the only way to have any claim would be if the new game references PUBG itself while implementing the mechanic.You can't own:*Battle Royal as it's a genre.*Shooting games.*Finding randomized loot.*Toxic gas closing in.*Frying pans and any applications of themSo take that off the table what does PUBG have? But if either one does win I would love to see the creators of Half Life sue 75% of the current gaming community & game developers for making their games with their antiquated technology.

  • sonny dickens

    And mine craft sucks so what do you mean

  • emeraldwolf1 YT

    We all know that fortnite is more popular so RIP PubG

  • Abby O'Meme

    I love how he uses Ace Attorney sprites in the law episodes

  • Trevon Burrell

    I’m already cross eyed 🤪

  • Alex Does Things

    Frying pan as a melee weapon, and PUBG is the first one to use it as such?TF2 would like to have a word with you


    battle royal = trying to find a seat to sit at lunch time :3

  • Dat1Gamer

    oof FortniteSplatoon 2 master race lol

  • monkey king

    Fortnight It used to be a zombie game so shown pubg be its own game in it self

  • Darkstealthgamer

    am I the only one who laughed at those Confucius jokes

  • TripleDDD's anims & stuff

    PUBG: okay, men. Let's rekt Fork Knife.PUBG:Step 1 - Sue Fortnite with an even advantageStep 2 -cOpY bATtlE pAsS

  • Benjamin Yetter

    Battle royale sucksSplatoon 2 best game ever

  • Sky Dom

    If ROS and Knives Out will be banned anytime, then why not include Free Fire?

  • Sickle

    You know it's funny. People all around the internet ate trying to feel different for hating Fortnite, when all I see is Fortnite hate. And honestly, if you harass and bully someone for liking Fortnite, then you're the childish one.

  • LAZYLOVINLEO - Roblox & More -

    Pubg= avengers.Fortnite = guardians of the galaxy. Minecraft = Thanos.


    Uhh,I dont think PUBG should do that,they would get taken down from 9-13 year-olds XD

  • pro gaming/vlogs

    U forgot that NO ONE CARE ABOUT PUBG "MatPat" IF that even is your real name. suspicious face.

  • Iron wolf Cat

    FORTNIGHT IS garbage

  • Dragonmaster76

    Yay go Minecraft Minecraft is the best

  • Laurens Simons

    Battle Royale sucksSplatoon 2 master race

  • Vibol bot

    Pubg delivers justice

  • ethan DuBose

    pubg was better anyways, it isn't infected with edgy 12 year olds

  • Vulpix Animations


  • Slayer Dope

    No way. Hope Net Ease win

  • vivienne vermillion

    FORTNITE SUCKS SPLATOON IS THE MASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Josue Gonzales

    On I ment on fortnite

  • Darcie Roscoe

    PUBG is better in every way shape and form

  • Slayer Dope

    Rules of Survival???

  • StabbyStew

    8:10 158 years later

  • BraidenTV

    i hope fortnite gets killed off finally


    gaming mite start world war3 :O koreya has the NUKES

  • Josue Gonzales

    Well joke on you plug your dead because fortnite just distroy you and I'm happy that I only wasted money of fortnite and not plug wen the game was free

  • ali amir

    "Winner winner chicken dinner"

  • Cool Dude

    If it happens thank god my prayers have been answered

  • The Cool Brain

    I really don’t like Fortnite! I really want PUBG to shut it down!

  • Luis Pirela

    Bro I love you but those jokes were cringy as hell or as they call it in my homeland: pena ajena.

  • luco who?

    If fortnite lost, they could shut down lubg cos they created the unreal engine pubg uses

  • Jack Broderick

    lol no more fortnite yessssssssssssssssssssss ooooooooooo lets selbrat Minecraft is back

  • Splat2 Help

    Battle Royale sucksSplatoon 2 master race

  • Blink Animations and Art

    10:40Hey, it’s ratpat!

  • Hong Kim Neo

    I got 2 solo win in rule of survive

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