World of Tanks Laser Pointer Mod

Watch me get a kill! The Laser Mod shows exactly where enemy guns are pointed at. Very useful mod because it allows you to duck and cover when the enemy has you in their scope.
  • mike Hämmer

    wargaming gratulation youre puuusy mafia usa army kill youre real

  • johnnyxdyablo

    what a big noob.........

  • Patrick Lorenz

    haha this guys, they are searching for this mod and then they flame players who use it....

  • Jason Long

    sadly most of the player base uses mods like these including removing the trees and bushes

  • Mehmet Teke

    live play or replay? ı want this camera mod..

  • ice angel

    you want advantage buy a brain even with ultramods you r still retard

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