World of Tanks Laser Pointer Mod

Watch me get a kill! The Laser Mod shows exactly where enemy guns are pointed at. Very useful mod because it allows you to duck and cover when the enemy has you in their scope.
  • Patrick Lorenz

    haha this guys, they are searching for this mod and then they flame players who use it....

  • Mehmet Teke

    live play or replay? ı want this camera mod..

  • Jason Long

    sadly most of the player base uses mods like these including removing the trees and bushes

  • ice angel

    you want advantage buy a brain even with ultramods you r still retard

  • siedlikmasterek

    I use gold ammo only for tanks with long reload time, like O-I or artys.Not many people actually pay for gold ammo with real money.But people, buying GOLD TANKS are twats. Buying premium is supporting creators, buying other shit is like pay2win.Not many people cheat, but there could be always that one cheater.The cheater who used to play clean, who got pissed with people playing with cheats.

  • johnnyxdyablo

    what a big noob.........

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