Web Of Trust caught collecting Personal User Data

Browser add-on Web Of Trust have been caught collecting personally identifiable user data. Although their Privacy Policy suggests they collect information about the sites you visit, they are also collecting: Mail address, Travel plans, Illnesses, Sexual preference, Drug consumption, Confidential company information, and Ongoing police investigations.


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  • Craig D

    They should change their name to WOD (web of deceit).

  • derstreber2

    +quidsup, do you know of any alternatives to WOT that you think are more worth our trust?

  • thingyee1118

    Tis a shame they fail on encryption or encoding. Was a good addon. Always the company fault thesedays. Avira Browser Saftey maybe an option.

  • Flow Ryan

    Is there a way to find out if an addon is safe? Or to make them safe (by telling the browser a certain addon should not connect to the internet or whitelisting information to be send) ?

  • Gameplays & Chill / cQRusher

    Do i need to change My Passwords on every Side? Im worried =( [I got this addon and make my account , Twitter ...]

  • w w

    How many other "trusted addons" are doing the same thing? Good job NDR

  • 「少女全能」chrysanth.

    This is a valuable lesson I am glad I learned before things were too late.It's a shame how people will try and take advantage of others in this way.

  • Onno Vocks

    It's like Snowden said, we can't wait for someone to safeguard us from these practices, we have to build the systems that will do it. Firewalls, encryption, and such, should be turned on by default and not the other way around. There is no mandate for companies to collect all this data, but once collected, it can be subpoenaed by the Courts or sold to the highest bidder; do business with those that do not collect this data and reward them for their efforts.

  • Ograws

    Decided to remove WOT from my browsers now which is a shame it was a really good extension probably saved my ass a few times

  • Spüdley

    What theme are you using?

  • OpenGeek

    It's not nice to know something that a lot of people trusted and use, has really done a nasty one of them.

  • NetTubeUser

    WOT must be added in Malwarebytes and other Anti-Malware and Anti-Adware programs, honestly! The only one who did that is "Spybot - Search & Destroy" for the moment. So, if you have some issues to uninstall WOT add-on, use it!

  • TheLamerLinux

    Quidsup, what will be a good replacement for this add-on I use it for myself I'm smart to know if a website is entrusted but I use them just in case but what I meanly use it for is for my family member because I got some of them that seeing a fake popup saying that their adobe flash is out-of-date I want them to look at some add-on to see if it's real or fake.

  • AlainG80

    Browsing history is not considered personal data, and can get an exemption in the cookie policy. Your IP address is personal data. Of course if your browser histories tracker id's can be combined with other browser IDs to generate Information it can quickly become personal information. Once linked to personal data like an IP address, or location data it becomes private information. http://blog.a9t9.com/2016/11/wot-browser-extension-collects-habits.html this is whap happened. I post reviews on the site too, but do not use the plugin, uMatrix and curl for scripts work just fine.

  • Zippy Zepeda

    it wont work when i got go to be site add pops saying ad to phone i cant click out please help

  • Chris D

    If been using WOT for a couple of years, crap. They probably know me better than I do.

  • Derrick M

    Unrelated subject, but wondering if you could give me advice. On Ubuntu, I created a software raid array striping over two disks. In the raid array, I have two partitions, /dev/md0 and /dev/md1. I'd like to now have only one partition, eliminating everything in /dev/md0 and allowing /dev/md1 to remain intact. Is it possible to delete md0 and allow md1 to expand into that empty space?

  • RaumklanG Studio

    Nice german sources. I like Golem.de a lot and highly recommend Heise.de and Heise.de/security

  • moz

    I posted a negative review actually for mywot.com on wot, (before this video:). The comment was up for a few hours and got deleted by wot. So posted the same comment again today and was deleted within minutes. Odd.

  • ChimeraBlitz007

    This makes me very sad, I trusted and used WOT for a very long time :(

  • Notex

    I've never used WOT because I didn't really like it. I'm glad I didn't use it now.

  • Retro Plus

    U WoT? This is an outrage, I use this ugh. WoT WoT hehehe

  • Ricardo Rogers

    What do you think of Linux Minx Cinnamon?

  • Bogdan Ionescu

    Ghostery or AdBlock is next? Damn!

  • an unoriginal meme goes here

    the amount of irony: web of trust is actually not trustful anymore

  • Cornel

    A free service who make money by selling your data?! hmmm......where have i heard this before....cough cough facebook cough

  • Cyortonic

    Another great video as always.Also, this might not mean much to you, but recently my computer would just freeze on startup using Windows, so I decided to switch to Linux. I saw your video on your styling on Kubuntu 14.04 and 16.04, and I instantly fell in love with KDE.Thank you for indirectly helping me choose a new OS. Love your channel!

  • MagnonEntertain

    kinda curious what will happen, pretty sure theyre getting a lawsuit from the german watchdogs

  • Kirby

    The 3 and probably increasing dislikers are butthurt and stubborn Web Of Trust Fraud workers.

  • Acrid

    Read about this on /r/linux recently. Really unfortunate to see because I have this installed on everyone's PC that I care about. Hopefully they are self-aware about security and privacy news.

  • Groud Frank

    Is that right? Are there any other (open source) alternatives?

  • Janne Granström

    i was a wot user and sure i know that they have to know where i surf, because otherwise the extension dosnt have its reason to be in the first place... but that said, i never ever thinking that they store and use that data for money. im very disapointed all of this and sure i remove the extension from my browsers and next i remove my wot account. :(

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