Hi fellow tankers.
Ill show you how much you can gain by buying top box pack from WG to fill all missions in garrage related with XMAS decorations.

It is really worth to spend over 85 pound for it? Yes. In my opinion.
You can see all my rewards for it.
Ill call this the best deal with WG ever made.
  • ShimithDomencio

    i think they fucked up the % chance of getting the Type 59 really.. now its not rare anymore.. people getting it with 20$ worth of boxes.. i got the type, t26e5 AND lorriane 40t from 75 boxes thats insanely worth it because the amount of gold i got, somewhere around 40k was worth way more than the $90 i bought the boxes for.. then i got around 50 premium days and 5-6 million credits.. damn WG gonna earn alot of cash this christmas people will go crazy with this

  • Grzesiek 1

    Who buy me chest pleas my nick hrumunio1 plis

  • Squoofus

    I bought 75 chinese boxes...NOT A SINGLE TIER8 PREMIUM!!!!!!! Thx wg, thx alot. And i wasnt even going for the Type, i just wanted maybe the lorraine 40t, so yea...If anyone wants to gift me some boxes ign: RedunkulousRaccoon

  • 1seldomsober

    PAID £85 for 75 box opening went to the chinese side hoping for a type 59 having purchased over 100 premium tanks and what did i get some fuckin gold, dont buy into this some type 59's are there but its another con from WG FUCK THEM

  • vakiii

    Czemu nagrywasz w jęz. angielskim?

  • myne myne

    Привет, лору подари,зачем тебе их две

  • Stuart DeQuincy

    Bruv, you got the Lorraine 40T three times or was it four? In addition you got 10,000 something Gold and a slot. The 10,000 odd Gold was a Tier VIII premium. Every slot and 1,200 odd was a lower tier premium but you already had them. The fact you got the 10,000 odd Gold near the end means you have all the four premiums they was giving away. The picture of the tank you won comes up but you get different one if you already HAD it or already WON it. You have done best of all the box openings I have watched. You had four or five Tier VIII premiums (I cannot remember if it was 3 or 4 Lorraine's I watched last night). But I assure you that you have the Type 59 and the Skorpion in your garage. I kept willing you to move your bar past the Chinese vehicles so you would see it. I also kept shouting at the screen cos I never saw someone win so many lower tier tanks which is where the Gold is. Well done mate and Merry Xmas

  • Grzesiek 1

    Kupi mi ktoś skrzynkę proszę mój nick hrumunio1

  • Steven Cook

    Congrats on your winnings but...Fuck the fucking douche bags at wargayming...I have been unable to play the game since they combined the two NA servers...fuck them and the horse they rode in on...I've done every fucking stupid test and tried every suggestion posted on every forum post I could find only to have wargayming try to blame the problem on either my computer, router, ISP or their lines and connections when in fact before the combining of the two servers I NEVER HAD A PROBLEM!!!!! And as a matter of fact among the clan I played with I had one of if not the best connection when we played together regardless of which server I played on either East or West. Never had the lag spikes and packet losses I've experienced...EVER...until the launch of the Central NA server and wargayming will do nothing not even an acknowledgement that there is even a problem. According to them it's all on my end when I hadn't not had a problem in the past. So fuck the morons at wargayming and their piece of shit game. Don't give them any money. I am leaving this anywhere and everywhere I can so don't be upset that I left it here. This is not the first and won't be the last.

  • veztez

    wiedziałem , że jestes polakiem !!! akcent ziomuś :)

  • Prince Harambe

    Send some gifts at MisterSnipe and feel the Christmas spirit

  • djbuli26

    Angielski z ruskim akcentem - rewelacja , gdzie konczyles anglistyke ? Na Syberii ?

  • ZiroX1337 ツ

    Dlaczego mówisz po angielsku

  • teaarmy

    Because of you i bought 3 more Boxes just for fun and got the Type 59, thank u alot :D

  • mixhak

    łan dej of prymium :D

  • Leopard 2A6

    I got Skorpion G and T26E5 from 6 boxes so I am happy

  • YAFU2

    When shishx got two lorries, the second one magically turned into a Type 59 ; check yo' garage

  • Milan Leposavic

    But what happen with 2 extra Lorr? I saw you have got golds in amounts of 58 x 250 = 14.500, 15 x 500 = 7.500, 2 x 750 = 1.500, 12 x 1.200 = 14.400 and 6 x 1250 = 7.500, which is 45.400 but did WG compensate you that 2 extra Lorr because in video we didn't see it...?

  • smooky

    Yeah if you like to wast your money to wg that your problem LOL

  • the_hunter_tanks z WoT

    Zapomniales języka rodowitego ;)

  • Shant Kouyoudjian

    Is this only for PC? I don't see these boxes on the Xbox market place. If so, freaking PC gets all the glory lmaooo

  • hotified2

    You should have gotten the type 59 aswell since the lorr 40 t showed 2 times, one of them should be converted to the type 59 :)

  • Samantha Lesso

    the garage slot w/1200 gold was compensation for you already having the tier 4 premium tank.. so rather then it flashing the tank, it just gave you the slot and gold... same with the 10200 gold and slot. that was basically u winning a tier 8 premium, but u already own it.

  • Paul Mal

    never get that many tanks for only 75 boxxes

  • traum

    Dude you got a Type-59...Check your premium tanks ;)

  • Stanislav Coros

    u are all so happy with premium tanks like u were able to sell them for moneny :D but you are not

  • easyreset

    Finally I got my Type 59 when I spend another money for a small x11 boxs pack.

  • Csongor Fazakas

    you idiot, if you got 3 times the Lorrain, you actually got a Skorpion and a Type 59! check you garage before posting this shit video!

  • HEX King

    Can some1 buy me few of those bloody boxes, for crismas present i will repay next year duble of that amount

  • Dj JJ

    i open 25 and i get type 59

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