World of Tanks - Epic wins and fails [Episode 31]

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Music used (in order):
Ghost'n'Ghost - Lighthouse
Harry Potter (PUNYASO Remix)
Ampyx - LMAO

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JKuch - Nova

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  • Chopstick Cunt

    2:02 OU EM ZII SUOMI!!!

  • The P3P3RMit_cz Gamer

    2:48 what is the name of sound effect? pls say

  • Bogdan Kroka

    ты лох зачем так много лиц

  • NoroelLuke Dado

    can you play the first tank you have

  • Voron Mausy

    Where can you get that modpack for artillery (get's rid of view from the top) ??

  • Richard Berry

    trolololololol funny like what the fuuuuu (kaboom)

  • Mateo Lorenzo

    Nemetepst sabes español?

  • Cloud Ex Machina

    i must say in many videos of you i see poeple using aimbots....

  • Mihnea-Ilie-Ioan VELEA

    In my sexton 2, I point the gun up, not even in top down view and kill a...facepalm KV 1 by ammo rack

  • เรด้า iz TV


  • TheFiveElementXD

    the song the Mario is spanish madre mía una cansion en español

  • Yair Chan

    ahhhh wingardium leviosaaaaaaaa xD im speak spanish

  • Hassan Arab

    My account is Hasnain_Arab

  • 김밥마리

    where can I find bgmat 4:10

  • Boomer Tanker

    What's the "lolololololo" sound at 7:03 from?

  • Master Hacker

    This is my m8's channel

  • HenningPlays 264

    You said feel free to comment so I say, oink oink oink oink 🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽😑😑🍻🍺🍻🍺🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • OfficieelJari

    nemetepst is  F*CKING good

  • Rodrigo Aguirre

    nemeteps what´s you name in world of tanks

  • von sauerkraut

    do we need that f-- in micky mouse music

  • Daniel Foster

    keep up with the good work

  • Arko Roychowdhuri

    why doesnt my kv move like that??

  • SpyPies

    0:12. Whats that tank hes using?

  • ivan 654

    41 vídeos and 46k subs

  • Ultra

    sound effect at 2:00? plz plz !!!!!!!

  • Lautaro Arévalo

    7:40 Rhm, replay bug or other noob with aimbot mod ??? :/

  • Finnion Putna

    just an idea but how about you do trolling videos with your friends and find clips of other people trolling each other?

  • Runxia Li

    who know that song's name at 4:00 rapping about the leviosa spell? really hilarious !!!thank you!

  • PotatoTankerYt Gaming

    OneAndOnly016 is better

  • -TheAlexC-

    Wingardiun lebiosaaaa xD español 100% real no fake 1 link mega agitar y golpear

  • Marek Václavík

    That SU-100. No skill, just op soviet shit.

  • Block2Life_YT / BlockAdevnBendyCars2


  • Hassan Arab

    Can I get free golds plz 99999

  • Epic_ Gamer48

    sound effect at 4:54?

  • Mihnea-Ilie-Ioan VELEA


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