VISAGE - Full Game

Seems like this game Visage might be a little scary...
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  • TheMysteryPanda

    Hallowen is close lets watch this!

  • nekomimint

    2:12:18 is that Silent Hill 4 The Room? Seems pretty much like it!

  • KreikonZer0

    Basically P.T. and Silent Hill 4 combined

  • Misfit Panda

    This game scared the shit out of me! The immersion and atmosphere led to mostly screaming in my Let's Play.

  • Red Gamer 2

    About 1:16:00 the tv or whatever it is said 3:33

  • chips for dips

    I LOVE the thumbnail

  • Devin Kaake

    T H E P O W E R O F B E E R C O M P E L S Y O U

  • Element 115

    I'm listening to this on my surround sound and all I can say is (TBIS GAME FREAKS ME OUT 100000% I NEED AND ADULT) Calm and collective just keep calm and collective :) positive Markimoo sounds

  • Ciera Coleman

    🍺 " I CHOSE YOU!!! "

  • SilverJean Powers

    Wasn't "visage" the french word for face?

  • Metal punk

    Can the power of beer compelles anything?? Lol

  • Ryudoz26

    The beer joke was fun for like 2 or 3 minutes... i really thought he will drop it ( no pun intended ) , but no, he kept overdoing it for all the f... video. Some humor its fun... but i think he overdo it way too much, and not only with the beer part...

  • Guanjyn

    Man I can’t stand Mark but everyone else who’s made a let’s play so far is far more intolerable.

  • Kirsten Hawke

    That shirt makes him look like a priest

  • Shamrockχ

    This is the most well-done horror game I've seen, in a while.

  • Hak Hak

    You need to take a pill in bedroom

  • Juan Vergara

    If its a revolver, why i hear the bullet casings falling to the floor?

  • 0Carkki0

    You would loooveee to live in this house, wouldn't you? X3Sometimes it’s poop disguised as a fart.

  • Inquisitor 128

    Patience, thoroughness, resource management.... so why tf is markiplier playing this??

  • Charlotte Hunter

    Am i the only one that sees the ghost girl standing on the left of the screen when he wakes up after the tree house??

  • Emma Harvey

    You guys ready for the spoop?I’m dying

  • Tristan Greiner

    Good game but he’s so annoying in this video. Not trying to hate he just got on my nerve during at some points

  • JohnX311500


  • Briar Williams

    Is it me or is this video really jumpy

  • CozySweaters AndRain

    19:49 anxiety activated. I've had ghosts around me for most my life and I tell you, you haven't experienced terror until you are in your room at night and your closet door slowly opens. NOT.....FUN

  • lil_ CadetFoxton-Plays

    while watching this i made a rice crispy heart XD <3 10/10 best mark raging XD... :P

  • The Ruka Project

    Why why why are you such a wimp?

  • MEGA N00b

    My friend told me about this game he was helping to make, it was called Visage and it seems kinda familiar, yeah you know what ok I'll look it up *sees Markipliers channel* Hell yeah I'm gonna watch it

  • Jerry Voss

    Cool fact: Visage is actually the french word for face and its pronounced more like Vee-sah-j

  • Zara

    Mark getting scared of the dance scene at the end was the best part

  • rgerber

    plot-twist: the whole game is about an electrician's emergency service whos afraid of the dark and stressed out

  • Pancake Ranger

    I saw Jacksepticeye's playthrough and then watched this, honestly both were just as scary, humor is a fairly common coping mechanism for fear so I can understand Mark's overuse of jokes, everyone reacts to fear differently.

  • Meow

    B E A R P O W E R

  • The Grand Priest

    This game gives stando powah

  • Mason Catalone

    Markiplier 2018: "Oh, wait a minute.  Wait a minute... Wait a minute.  Alright, hold on to your dicks - hold on tight... Beer ain't done."

  • Bethany Kessler

    Who else ere caught off guard and laughed at this? "Leeight!? then suddenly very serious No..." 7:08

  • Zee Master

    What was the execution style at the beginning then???

  • lil_ CadetFoxton-Plays


  • Metal Momma

    Wow...this house is laid out like my childhood home was.’s spooky to see it in a game almost to a T. The hidden rooms through rooms and all. It was built during the civil war, and so many entrances to the basement and all. Crazy...From a gameplay standpoint, wow! Awesome game. Can’t wait for the full version to come out

  • Katlynn Moon

    No trying to be rude because your awesome. Just stop talking so much at the beginning and start talking at the end of the video.

  • xDemonic Kitty

    The part at 2:12:15 was a Silent Hill The Room reference. (:

  • Red Gamer 2

    awesome I love this channel.

  • AussieGirl3801

    No! When he was talking about a fear boner, he walked straight past a house key...

  • MARK. 2605. B

    The beer is a GODamn GENIUS

  • sandman D

    Ahhhhhhhh room 302!!!!!!

  • lwxl

    Consistently making the same jokes just gets annoying. Make a beer joke once or twice but my god is it completely necessary to do it for two whole hours?

  • Al Fa

    Can't stop laughing:30:40-31:00 🤣

  • Muumuu

    the camera flashing really hurt my eyes

  • darkdestructer

    This beerjoke was funny once but not 874 times .. but all the chat spams beer and there is literally 0 immersion when someone is yelling in your ears about his beer for 10 minutes. Kills alot of the atmosphere, I can't understand how people like beer screaming over the creepy horror game they wanted to see. yet he its permanent coming up again here and there. I can understand u are more the 'show' streamer than a guy that does a walkthrough,but if you overreact every 1-2minutes, it just sounds so mega fake. U show often enough that u can do it good without and why always when the tension becomes more. not so great to make a beer comedy out of every good/scary moment.I cannot understand that everyone in the chat or urself prefers a beer monologue than seeing s1 play a scary game while being entertaining.

  • Twilightmia

    am i the only one wondering how rich this family has to be to afford a house that huge? I mean some spoopyness is going on no doubt but still

  • Abedur Rahman

    I liked this game VISAGE😁

  • Corvo Attano

    This is one hell of a jaw dropping game. I haven't seen a good horror game like this in a long time.

  • Gary dela Rosa

    Awesome video! But title is misleading. :(

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