lego ww2: "JACKAL" (An animation inspired by Fury and World of Tanks)

Many thanks to Baeumler films for the voice over, thanks buddy ;)

A ww2 tank animation inspired by the movie Fury and online game World of Tanks. This Brick film follows the story of a British tank convoy led by Captain Harrison and his fearless crew of the Mighty Churchill Battle Tank "JACKAL" making their way through Germany months before the end of the war. But now they must fight for their lives as they come across one of Germany's most feared killing machines which has risen from the ashes of war torn Europe, the DREADED TIGER!!!

Music by Kevin Macleod of
  • X-Ray dragon PRO

    are you used MLG montage for this? :D

  • DankMemes 99

    Really two Churchill tanks and one Sherman

  • Thong Dinh

    I thought there were no Churchilsl in north Africa cause that is a African Korp`s Tiger Tank!

  • Grease

    tigers accuracy - 100

  • Alex Hammond

    This video ROCKS. really.

  • Waffle Nipps

    Nice just as un realistic as fury it self good job

  • Atomic Bomber21

    That tigers aim is like a GOD DAMN stormtrooper , unrealistic!!!

  • Dylan McDowall

    And also this tactic wouldn’t work in fury or here but nice stop motion

  • Hunter hort

    So fake that one tiger can take them all out and it would have not missed that many times

  • taavo catt

    Is that a best lock tiger tank?

  • batuhan ile oyun zamani yigit

    tiger vs sherman tank

  • Cool Gamer21

    Can you stop complaning about how unrealistic it is? It's a decent lego tank battle! Get over it

  • Inventory Labs

    That's a very inaccurate 88mm gun. Ps it has about the same accuracy as a STuH 105mm gun.

  • the one and only duck

    the gunner dosent reload there has to be a loader too btw its not that bad

  • Ahboon Yeoh

    dink olf soviet and mao u think hitler is bad tiger turret rotation faster u nigga

  • Thong Dinh

    Is that small tank a M2 light?

  • Ahboon Yeoh

    he aim front tiger jackal: i use the mighty power of inacurracy! Tiger shoots 2 metres away😤

  • Atomic Bomber21

    They wouldn't just retreat after 1 shot!!!!!

  • Dylan McDowall

    The machine gun on the tiger tank is the wrong way around

  • Thong Dinh

    those tanks are not lego!

  • vladimir yankoveckiy


  • Natal'ya Ryaskova

    1tiger vs 3 tanks? Wtf

  • Ahboon Yeoh

    tiger people must be very stupid and just hired and how those tank kill it? U gotta use reality

  • Jack Frost

    Anyone else remember this part from fury? Such a bad ass scene👍👍

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