World of tanks Opening 25 CHINESE NEW YEAR GIFT BOXES

"World of tanks Opening 25 CHINESE NEW YEAR GIFT BOXES" no description available.
  • Michael C.

    I' ve just opened 40 Chinese boxes but I could get any premium tank.I would be very happy if someone could give me one box :)) dont_beatme

  • jack STM3

    What kind of bullshit is this i spend 30€ for this ** and i only get 3k gold 1day premium acc 1 grage slot and pz b2 srsly wg...

  • Shadow Killer

    Please gift me a box im Phoenix_Fighter10 on Wot pls

  • Chau Ken

    Chinese? Chinese New Year is in February

  • Heydemann SnG

    I've been sparing my money for the whole year... 80 euros, cuz I knew there was gonna be something special for wot, then when it finally comes, My dad tells me I'm not allowed to buy it even with my own money... Feeling quite frustrated. (Also I'm not one of those annoying kids with rich parents just a normal person who has spared money.) Also, nice vid :)

  • QuattroGuy

    Can you get tanks after completing missions or only if you buy them with real money?

  • Andrei Stefan

    Nice.. but only 1 tier 8 tank... I got lorr 40 t, t26e5, type 59 and 1 tier 4 ..

  • bogdan i


  • Kruul

    How to get this boxes?

  • Grzesiek 1

    Who buy me chest pleas my nick hrumunio1 plis pleas i no money 😥😫😥

  • Matej Kubala

    How did you get them

  • Comander stitch

    I buy 150 boxes and notting

  • Shadow Killer

    What does this mean now?

  • Katherine Pearce

    Can you send me 5 gift box plz my name account KatherinePearce

  • Bar Maniacs

    Can i get premium tank for free ?

  • Lovro Šurbek

    Just watching videos like this and imagine of premium tanks..

  • bogdan i

    Friends , please check my t-34-85M vid i just uploaded !!! you wont be disappointed !!!

  • Im a Panda

    Let's all pray my paycheck will give me enough to pay my 650 tuition fees and have 100 extra for 75 boxes

  • Filip Šlégl

    I get lorr. 40t and Skorpion G


    it is worth buying these crates?

  • Freaxer 1

    if u can plz gift me atleast 1 box or something i be realy happy eu name klaunuzudykas

  • Malo vise Malo PREVISE

    Ako si iz srbije brate onda svaka cast,ima li sanse da mi neko uplati 1 kutiju ,ime mi je xxxKingMadxxx

  • Lovro Šurbek

    Is it worth buying 25 boxes?

  • Prince Harambe

    Send some gifts at MisterSnipe and help the poor it's Christmas time and we need to love each other's :)


    I got for ma self a scorpion G with only 8 dollars x3 boxes along with 1750 gold and 500000 credit

  • cj wadd

    spent 40 quid got just over 9k gold so crap for me

  • bagdon

    our names are so similar

  • Squoofus

    I bought 75 chinese boxes...NOT A SINGLE TIER8 PREMIUM!!!!!!! Thx wg, thx alot. And i wasnt even going for the Type, i just wanted maybe the lorraine 40t, so yea...If anyone wants to gift me some boxes ign: RedunkulousRaccoon

  • Boomboom Pau

    NICE VID I JUST SUB and want to try out the pc I only play wotb.

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