Game Theory: Who Would Win -- Samurai, Knight, or Viking? (For Honor)

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FINALLY we can battle with the skills of a Samurai, die with the vehemence of a Viking, and look dashing in the armor of a Knight! FOR HONOR is the game where you can fight ferociously as one of the coolest three warriors in history: a Knight, Viking, or Samurai! But if a three-way battle like this could really take place, WHO WOULD WIN? Would it be the Viking with his Nordic machismo? The Knight with his sword & shield? Or the Samurai with his horse & bow? In this episode, I figure out which of these epic warriors would reign victorious in a fight to the Death!

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  • D Flatt

    Dude, why don't you do some research before you post something historical. Why is this video even still up? Just to get 'clicks'? Pathetic.

  • Fancyfaceuv

    So why are you changing the concept

  • Ishiru Taekakura

    The comment section for this though, calm the hell down.

  • Plushy Land

    I think the Samurai will win

  • RandomPerson

    I never left a negative comment on one of your videos but this is straight up garbage. Viking dies for sure. Knight beats a samurai IMO. Better armor and weapons. Samurai armor was made of bamboo mostly for example. Knights had chainmail under their armor.

  • Austin Hogue

    100.5% of this is about how he "got it wrong" 1% saying he was kind of right

  • runo

    10 dudes with m16 can win the revolutionary war

  • Dat Boi Dovahkiin

  • Artin Bidgoli

    By the way that means nobushi

  • Ryan Bisesti

    no knowledge of history won't

  • Artin Bidgoli

    My main is no to the bushi

  • Alex w

    I chose Viking because that’s the most like me I’m savage when it comes to fighting

  • Jesse slagg

    Still the Vikings I side with.

  • Fancyfaceuv

    I thought you said that this was about for Honor

  • Joel Hornburg

    The game should’ve included forestmen, rogues or highwaymen.

  • Joe

    Considering that rich vikings such as the huscarls have equipment nearly identical to knights of the 11th century (such as the armor that they wore and with the huscarls favoring the dane axe more) we can assume that the vikings stand a pretty good chance against the other two warriors. Also do note that the samurais' prowess in battle are highly romanticized by pop culture especially with regards to how fast they move in combat and how sharp their 'mighty' katana is.

  • MisterDuckyGaming

    The funniest thing is, talking about a battle royale not knowing what will happen in the summer to Fortnite.

  • CommanderBohni

    Boy Im disappointed... DAMN WHY DID THEY HAVE A SHIELD?

  • Pyron- ic

    My Votes on Samaria for sure

  • Jago Hunn

    Knight armor wold win so pls shhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Stone Muzza

    I loved samurai anyway. Can thank the last Samurai for that

  • Ryan Bisesti

    Matpat my friend if your making GAME theory episode a history lesson than make another video saying "that this one was stupid and I'm sorry" and then make that video about the game itself, not real-life history man I almost unsubscribed to this channel due to this video.

  • Maineiac fishing

    This video pisses m3 off you contradict even yourself

  • Dave Lastname

    You heard it here first folks, vikings wore no armour and knights had no money.

  • nicplaybr

    There are no bows and arrows in the game

  • Tony Tran

    Skyrim didn’t get anything wrong. You did!

  • Maineiac fishing

    Also not everyone was Vikings like not everyone was pirates

  • Lev Paskevich

    Vikings have more experience knights weren’t alive

  • Maineiac fishing

    Mat im not gonna grill you for thisI like your videos pls do make me unsubscribe

  • H. A. R. D

    I don't understand.Someone just tell me which one to choose!?Does it matter or what?!HELP!!!!

  • rhawk 531

    Hey asshole none of the stuff you just said is complete bollshit!

  • English Satyr

    Weebing out much 🙄🙄🙄 so glad he got slammed by so many historical warfare YouTubers

  • Lev Paskevich

    Can they just trip the horse

  • Breach And Clear

    garbage weapons? The Bearded Dane Axe would like a word. But no, keep complaining about horns on helmets.

  • Clement From Pokémon

    But why did they walk into a bar tho

  • Fancyfaceuv

    What about the Highlanders

  • BongoCatLover 22 here is a counter video

  • Ryan Bisesti

    what about the environment. different areas will have different winners stupid

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