WOT - Cheating in World of Tanks

Cheating in World of Tanks.

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  • Boian Simeonov

    Claus uses pure logic to explain his oppinion. And pure logic is always right.

  • bisquitnspanky

    Claus is 100% correct. Anyone who doesn't agree is either too stupid to breathe without instructions or a pathetic cunt.

  • rolandgarroz

    right I was thinking the same how can QB use a mod where he could see enemies players ratings and not consider that cheating fk hipocrite!

  • Kamil Zeman

    But the movie sounds & girls in garage are much better than the original in game voices & garage. :(Certainly gives me an advantage, because I'm laughing my ass off while playing...

  • Chase Cash


  • MonashSQ

    I play vanilla, and think mods are for pussies. I work alone, no powder burns no shrapnel. we move fives metres apart no sound and if it bleeds we can kill it. cheat mods for ugly mutta fuckers.

  • Nicholas Dobos

    At around 6:00 Claus's point really comes around. I agree with him 100%"Fuck You!" I love it...Claus is the greatest!

  • Tom Gianopoulos

    Would skins count as mods?

  • rolandgarroz

    where can I download the 10K damage 10K xp 15 kill mod pack? :)

  • Alexander Stoyanov

    That qb reference though :)

  • Robert Kowalke

    Great rant! Mods have been the downfall of WoT since they began popping up. Until wargaming acknowledges and starts banning ppl for this Mods will always be in the game. I'm in your camp Claus all mods are a cheat of some kind, anything wargaming didn't put in themselves no matter how mundane is a fucking cheat pure and simple.

  • david neves

    This sure. Last time I see circlofex user auto aim from back a rock and houses and zoom is well and I comment a tell him your aim for me is cheat him tell me not a aimbot so no cheat .lol.. What's you fink ? Cheat or not? I same you I never use any mods ... I play this game from 2010

  • Robert Peterson-Wakeman

    The 'working man's view', as always

  • Adrian Parker

    People having poor video cards, RAM, or slow internet connection is a much bigger disadvantage than not having a mod that the opponent has.

  • Rich C

    u r 100% correct!! i know which player u r talking about...I watched his video on cheating and thought...well u r cheating 2! Hey Claus...check out my profile pic...it looks like u...lol

  • Mom's Spaghetti

    Well i dont see a problem with mods like safeshot (prevents shooting at teammates or wrecks). When i play without it i get cancer when i waste 2k credits on shooting a tank that has been destroyed 0.0001s before my shot hits and prevents stupid shit like shooting some scout that drives in front of you while you snipe. I think it enhances gameplay without harming anyone.

  • ZeeBunny

    fuck xvm hate it with a passion

  • Bob Dice

    Good to see popular youtubers finally openly talking about this cancer in the game. As for your modpack comments you are a fucking legend.

  • Lauri Peltola

    I think some mods are'nt cheating (I mean crosshair mods and such)

  • wenna hang thegim

    I am not able to get this game

  • richard kendrick

    i play on xbox one , i hope in ignorance that it cant be modded but it does fuck me off when we roll out in sixes to find we are up against nines, im only a gamer not a professional FFS WG , i dont mind facing off against premiums but at least make them my own tier !

  • Mungo

    Sry, but you are wrong for several reasons:1. there are mods that are officially approved. You thus cannot cheat by using them as it is "we do not bother ourselves to include them, but everyone can do it by himself"You cannot cheat by using legal stuff2. once someone force himself into more-or-less moronic state of mind, he can obviously call everything cheat. Even garage mods, as they save your time and thus you can fight more battles - get more EXP and money = advantage. Sry, this type of "arguments" doesn't work for meNot to mention - than even better mouse, bigger screen and better PC is cheat. Gives bigger advantage than many mods and not everyone can afford it. Not to forget about controllers that allows to program combos for repairs and other actions.3. not everyone looks for mods because of any advantage (point 2 is applied), but i.e because he wants to enjoy the game in different style (i.e. cammo mods), or default doesn't work for him (stupid screwed sounds, aiming circles that he cannot see properly etc.).For me, mod no. 1 was hard split of the arcade and sniping view, that was originally shit in-game (just later implemented), no.2 was autoequip, no.3 usable reticles. Some other graphical, garage etc. are just bonus.

  • Kampela99

    ----super salty, he shuold stop playing or use good mod pack, :)

  • Nekron99OMG

    I like the idea of having no mods so that everyone in on a level playing field. But to be fair, the English YouTuber who offers his own modpack doesn't really "complain" that other mods are cheating, he simply points out which mods War Gaming considers cheating and which will get your account banned.

  • Adrian Parker

    Why? Because some mods make the game more enjoyable. Like the filterable carousel in garage (which is now part of vanilla), or improve gun sounds (the default sounds are kind of shit), etc. I just want to be even with others. I like XVM so I know which teammates to follow and learn from. By the way, greetings from Brockville Ontario.

  • Breeezy

    I like having minions for crew voices. #crewhax

  • Mike Snow

    well said Claus, agree 100%. Have no mods myself. And I'm shit at the game, but at least I'm an honest shit player.

  • ARNO meesters

    lik u claus..i also never ever played / used mods, and i play wot from 2011 41k battles,...i know u were talking about quickybaby with his mods...and i must say he is a good player but its indeed a SHAME that he uses mods and make his own, ..like u said claus, i hope someday ALL mods will be blocked in this game, keep up the good work claus, and i will support u, till the very end, have a nice day. and dont forget to SLURP that coffee, cos i know u do that on purpose cos some kids complained about it, and my friend, gives me a hell of a good feeling hehe, SLURP - SLURPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP

  • Matt Conrad

    its not cheating if everyone can download it lol

  • Alan Blanco Music&Gaming

    And a lot of them upload replays only like the one you upload becouse they are using things are not legal on the real match.You can notice it becouse when you see the zoom on replays do this progressive zoom.And some are a super high level liers and record the camera of them playing the match and later edit this and put the recording of camera on sync with the replay.And people don't even notice it.....

  • Jennifer Carmean

    ty boss ive noticed quickybabys hypocritical ways fuck mods lifetime ban anyone using them js

  • garuburn the raging pheonix

    I only use better sounds mods for better crew voices, better crew voices,etc,etc

  • MindlessLittleGalaxies

    This dude is rather salty

  • Cyphi

    Thats bullshit man. Map enhancing mods, arty view mod, they were mods first and then made it into game. In other words, its cheat if its mod, but when it become official its suddenly ok? What logic is in it....Chicken-Egg.Mods can be harmfull, or make game better. It really depends on wheres threshold(or in WG case, if any).

  • Amit Barua

    I hate mods, never used them and never will.

  • Dave Geiser

    Dave gets irritated when people speak in third person.....

  • Captain Haddock

    I agree with you. I stopped playing. Never looked back. It's nice!

  • Whisky_Chaser

    hear hear claus , remove res mods folder 95% cheaters are f*cked

  • Biker

    Mr Claus Kellerman, I agree with you. I don't use any mods in this game. I don't want to know somebody's status or chance to win before a battle. The factor of uncertainty and mind calculations are a big part of enjoying the game. What fun is there if all info is provided to you and all you want to do is just click the left mouse button? Claus pussies will bark at you but real men will respect you.You have honour and I can sense it..a rare quality during these times.

  • sathish vasavan

    If Claus likes only vanilla client then everyone should like vanilla client. No one should customize and contribute to game's development. This guy is a bigot and probably a communist.This is the guy who will suffer when studying in university while sticking only to the syllabus and not exploring further. Probably call those who did not stick to the syllabus as cheats. If I disagree with you I should "fuck off" eh? Nice attitude and he gets to call others arseholes. Reading some of the comments no wonder he attracts lot of impatient idiots who don't know the difference between reasoning and swearing.


    you do make a small point about XVM but that being said, being able to see statistics of players but it wont play the game for you like the auto aim mod for example. you still have to take out these "good" players and if you and a few members of your team start tunnle visoning on them & ignore everything else that is happening with the rest of the enemy team then how do you think the game will end? (pretty much like 99% of the WoT games haha) and btw XVM is supported (sort of) by WoT, but i dont use it, too much of a pain in the ass to keep get it setup!

  • batzing

    They should have banned all mods. We've been asking for it since beta. Clans have been using bad mods almost since the start of clan wars. Not all clans but more than a few top ones.

  • James Henderson

    Favorite YouTube ever

  • Taigan

    stop refering to yourself in the third person please its fucking annoying

  • utgotye1

    The only mods I use are garage mods other than a damage log. I tried using the new damage log built into the game but didn't like it so went back to the GambitER Lite.

  • judgedeath3

    Finally someone who says this and rejects all the mods that are out there for this game and yes quickybabys is the most popular one and according to me a cheat as it shows which players to avoid and which ones are bad at the game so you can farm kills easier amongst other things. Well most games have managed to bann mods or code the game that its not possible so wot developers could if they wanted. Then I know at least Im not alone in not using mods, most people in the matches I take part in have a mod installed....

  • winjiwan71

    Good comments/points! I suck at this game. Maybe because of not using mods, more likely just because i suck, but i wont use any mods to derive the fun of playing no matter what kind.

  • greenhell705

    Could'nt agree more Claus!

  • Wilhelm Früchte

    agree, i play vanilla after trying some mods in the beginning. Mod users arent able to realize they arent good players.

  • Ender

    I'm good with the idea of quit playing this crapfest game.

  • Flaming Midnight

    6:08 Relly "F**k You" SAY THAT TO QUICKYBABYS FACE B***H!

  • Tamada Takashi

    i don't think mods for anime girl voice is cheating lol

  • Don Craig

    maybe we could get Claus a mod that gets him to speak english correctly

  • Reshtarc

    100% Agree. Panzer_Lehr. USA East. ..i..-_-..i..

  • JPersa

    Sorry,but sound mods are a must have on this game,and this is no cheating,by any means....the vanilla pop guns,or Vespa engine sounds are so bad....

  • Frederick Burkert

    The fault is with WG for having res mods folder - to add mods in. My guess is it's standard for Russian games


    Very simple. If it isnt included in the game download it doesnt belong. Even the mods that dont effect game play DONT belong. Adding anything to the game not in download sets a bad precident and opens that cheating can of worms.

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