World of Tanks Cheats Exposed

This video will show you some of the cheat mods being used against you by the skilless. These mods have been bundled and are sold for a monthly price as War-Pack, B4it and more. Some of the mods include; AIM bot, lasers, redball, destroyed objects, tundra, reload timer, blind hit mod, tracer, enemy direction, always black sky etc…
  • R. H.

    I started playing WoT 1 y ago. Left it after some months because I wasn't enjoying it... even hough I was doing my best. Started playing WoT blitz. Enjoying it, I have good, decent stats there... probably because there are less cheaters there.I restarted playing WoT from PC this month, and again I wasnt enjoying it. I had heard about mods before but never searched or googled for what they were or where to find them. So since I had some spare time I googled a bit and the first mod to iinstall was XVM (I didn't knew this existed at all)... after this I searched for all I could find. Lasers, Enemy Reload indicators, X Rays etc... I deciided to keep all of those mods installed, except the Enemy aiming indication (laser) because I found it distracting.I'm fully convinced that more thatn 85% of players in WoT from PC that have a win ration above 50% are cheaters....Remove all mods. If WG wants to, they can put useful mods as options in the settings menu. All other mods should be removed and banned. Until then I'll play with them as other players have been doing before I discovered them.

  • warriorofice33

    that fucking sucks. fuck cheaters.

  • Morgan S

    And I'm still better without them! lolz

  • Finn Communism

    That's why I play itOn console.

  • William Phillips

    The implication that all good players use cheats like these, which is a very broad belief, is completely idiotic. Like you stated, a bad player even using aimbot is still going to do poorly. A player like myself, who is in a top 3 clan on the NA server, with 2200+ overall stats and 3200+ recent stats got those stats not only by knowing how to play their tanks effectively, but because of other factors, i.e., reading team comps, proper positioning, effective trading. A player like myself has little to gain from using mods such as aimbot. As for use of mods in competitive scenarios, all players must submit their Python Log after each clan league match, and it is reviewed by WG to ensure NO mods, not just illegal ones, were used.

  • 82McKinley

    Very good video, thank you for sharing.

  • Iwan Jirkuw

    I would like to highlight few things using aimbot! Imagine average player with win ratio of 46-48% and 800 WN8! This player is playing for free and not buying any premiums including tanks because he just don't think he will ever be able to make into any ranks! Then he stumble upon mods and AIMBOT and WOW!!! He start loving the game due to higher win ratio of 49-50% and his tanks actually making progress and not dying in first few minutes! So due to his success and ACTUAL SATISFACTION PLAYING GAME he start spending REAL MONEY for premium tanks and stuff! After a year his WN8 is at 900 WOW! And he realised he spent over 200€ into WARGAMING developer pocket! This might be a true story, who knows!


    This is worst so many morons use this shit to be better player without this shit they will be just black or reds tomato shit a player even if you are good skiller are totaly fuck up with this mods .....I say no mods for WOT

  • ben1spain

    Great vid, its just a pity that more people have not watched..

  • cityboikush

    world of tank are filled with a bunch of dicks only cheating all the time and the truth about cheaters is untalented players who cannot play the game fair because they are 100% retarded

  • Ss Mm

    so looking at this account's stats, it isn't very good, what are your actual stats to compare if better with or without cheats?


    Permanban? Oh no, Wargaming doesn't give a sh*t.

  • JFskeezix

    If you use these illegal mods to show how they improve your games then why does this account suck terribly? 41% winrate with 555 WN8

  • Johnmadara

    anyone with a brain and driving a tier higher than 5 can outplay and beat a warpacker... this mod is only helpful to players with 500 WN8...

  • Matthew Slivar

    those cheats pisses me off play fair

  • eklypse13

    hope you die in a house fire for having these cheats.

  • Betonowy Potwór

    Just Purple thing :)

  • ToFu

    So glad I quit this game ages ago. It's only gotten worse over the past months/years

  • Sander Bijsterveld

    ban all mods and go vanilla!

  • allothernamesbutthis

    how are aim bots so accurate? the more i play this game the worse i am becoming... 25k ish battles and each update feels more rigged. i can be 50m away from enemy tank fully aimed, impossible to miss and shots hit the ground, shots go high or the favourite side shot " we did not even scratch them" or "we did not penetrate their armour" the game is bullshit but have grinded too many tanks to stop :(

  • femazik

    I think single "Thank you" will do :)

  • Kahduu Tanker

    Again guys remember as i said i loaded this mod set for 1 session on a account just to show the public.. I do not use or endorse the use of these cheats.. There were a couple comments as if i should be reported. It's funny to me that people can miss my whole point.. People need to see this crap and you know what fine report my session. Someone has to have the balls to call this out. See my latest video as well i posted 3 sessions just to use a bit longer of a version in my clan training's on what you can do to counter these cheats.. For all the rest of the comments.. I am really happy go many of you got the point.

  • RoisinT2

    Thanks man, i have always wondered what these does for the retards that use them. Now i know.. TO all cheaters, FU idiots. Good way to ruin great game..

  • DigiGym

    Hey, nice video +1, if you want updated tundra i just upload video in my channel how to get it.

  • dasupasin

    You put one maybe two shells into that tank. If you paid attention to your minimap, he was already gone while you sat there firing.

  • KillerBaum - GIFT_

    Dude Get a better GPU xDD


    Please look at this replay and please comment, can any heavy tank no matter how he trained his crew (including all crew with camo perk) can vanish (three squares away) in front of my eyes!? First time I see this after almoust 10K battles and my first thought is that this must be some kind of ghost hack because nobody can vanish while moveing... is this hack is possible in the game?

  • Amer Djedovic

    Anti_Tank_Destroyer report!

  • Anacleto Bermudez

    A first wave of 7 days banning for the use of illegal mods resulted in 252 NA players being banned. I have a friend that was banned and if he gets caught again his account will be permanently banned. The other servers had more people banned, especially the RU server.

  • TomMJH

    sad such cheats can be used

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