World of Tanks - Girls und Panzer Skins Tutorial and Beyond!

Girls und Panzer Skins? GIVE ME SOME OF THAT!

Ahhhhhh yes. World of Tanks custom skins. They look good... and that's basically it... yeah. BUT THEY'RE GIRLS UND PANZER!

Links to Downloading websites:

Nishizumi's Tank Skins Here:

Kucai's Tank Skins Here:

JWNSY's Tank Skins Here:

Icon and Camo Remover Mod:

Other Cool Skin Mods:
  • JokaGamer

    The Nishizumi site has ubdated and I cant find the ting to remuve the icons and logos , can you help me?

  • Maheiza

    hi, can you help me there is no vehicle in my res_mods. so what should i do?

  • Graf Zeppelin

    Now I am curious, are people in game able to see your tank look as such or just for your own amusement? either way still awesome

  • Boban Milosevic

    Am i gonna get banned or someting if i download mods and skins?

  • Flying_Elite

    Cool video mate, though your monitor size is a little disturbing, if you aren't running from a laptop I suggest you get a larger monitor for both recording and game play reasons. Being able to record in 16:9 1080p makes things a lot better to see. If not perhaps add something either side of the video to fill in that empty space. Check out some of my videos too while you're at it.

  • Rare Pepe

    boyyy does it work for newer versions

  • Cobracomander diaz

    Run it's gup get to the fallout bunker that's me

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