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For Honor Tiandi Duels

I think i've made up my mind on who I will be maining from the Wu Lin, Papa T aka Tiandi aka Bruce Tee, we took him into some 1v1's, he's a monster. I hope y'all enjoy this one, if you do be sure to like and susbcribe, also hit the notification bell so you never miss a live stream or an upload!

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  • Austin Gostomski

    Ubisoft devs: orochi haven't been reworked and have no offensive openers. Ubisoft devs: let's make an orochi with a gravity hammer for a kick. That's how the tiandi was born.

  • Ethan Bell

    Yo In my personal opinion, tiandi’s dodge lights on console seem too quick to parry and sometimes to block as well.

  • Chuck Sharts

    I've been maining JJ but Tiandi will def be my number 2

  • Andrew Geary

    Man console is just a light fest rn. Love these new characters but holy crap they need to do something about this fps gap they’re balancing toward pc when console gets the half eaten sandwich

  • Tom Hopper

    Hmm. Another light spammer

  • Mc Chubbz

    Toxic playing S-Tier? uNsUbBeD

  • lawbro

    Hey everybody is my cape awesome or not

  • Not Kaneki

    sorry that shaolin had to do it to ya nice tiandi

  • Ethan Bell

    Yo a good thing to do with tiandi is feint heavies into palm strike and after doing that a lot feint into guard breaks

  • Tulak Hord

    Ye know that way a read that as the chinese cunt XD

  • Kyro

    Using the superior block property, you can make your side dodge lights 22 damage and garentee a follow up palm strike for another light attack, letting tiandi get 34 (i think) damage off a dodge light deflect. Be warned that the superior armor is only active during the startup of the attack, not the dodge, making the timing very tricky!

  • I am batman

    AliExpress's Centurion

  • Rump Klorble

    Do a zone then faint the last part (if you hit) then do a kick faint it into a palm strike into light.

  • SamuraiCat

    Stop spamming lights and use heavies too for once

  • Stoopid Streams

    Great video keep it up! Can't wait to see your rep 10 tiandi aesthetic

  • Giant Dad

    whys the quality so trash today?

  • Riley Fox

    Does anyone you’re fighting against know how to parry? Or block for that matter lmao they’re eating every bit of that

  • Blake Angiano

    Can't touch that Jian jun beard homie, he gets all the bitches.

  • Dead Ape

    You gonna be playing JJ? If not np, just wondering

  • Giant Dad

    i love how the Tiandi looks but i think the Jiang Jun is just a lil bit better

  • Hector Lopez

    His unblockable stuns are great man

  • Nebula Nova

    Is it just me or does it feel nice to be fighting new heros

  • Luke Ground swimmer

    After a light you can do an opener and most people wont react

  • exseque


  • Omelette

    After the kick cancel it with a side light then use your palm strike and follow up with a lightWorks every time

  • Chris J

    Does anyone know if you get any guaranteed attacks off of dragon kick? If you kick em against a wall you definitely get a light.

  • Joey Queeno

    When you dragon kick someone in a wall or corner and your close by and forward dash heavy is works about 75% of the time

  • Andrew Surento

    Nuxia is the best lookin, id beat dem walls inside out ;p

  • Tim Brtl

    Why would he be the new Cent? I entirely don't get that title. Cent is not very strong, he is not very high on the tier list. Also you're basically not using any of Tiandis mix ups, you could basically just play any other light spam hero, wouldn't make a difference.

  • Anthony Willis

    The first zone strike is guaranteed after parry. 20pt on the zone over 15pt on light.

  • dankdamundi

    Panda express security guards

  • somz saltz

    Well the Chinese always copy everything lol

  • younge Cujoh

    Finally some nice tiandi gameplay.

  • ArkerTheGreat

    He's definitely my dude. Probably because I too was a cent main lmao

  • IRISH1616

    With the palm strike there is hyper armor if you follow up with a heavy, I use it to trade hits

  • Nerp

    Thanks for basically replacing centurion with tiandi ubi...

  • Sneaky Whatever

    So lame, you could never react to this super fast light spam.. -_-


    Hey toxic i just unlocked all of the new gear for centurion, and they look nice especially hipocrene!

  • Zwie the husky

    Its the husky I had to make a new account

  • Kaya Han

    I think those heavys from sides can be alittle faster.

  • Martin Ortiz

    The new faction is retarded strong they are too good in my opinion. So many soft feints and fast attacks it’s ridiculous

  • Mati Nejam

    i hate the new characters, they feel so good, specially on console its so hard to counter

  • xXB3AR B0N3SXx

    Shaolin has the most swag in his step but as far as looks are concerned, I believe it’s a tie between JJ and Tiandi. Tips: Don’t forget you can dodge cancel your zone w/ or w/o the kick so you can keep your mixups/pressure going. Flow like water.

  • lI iiEquinox Il

    After a parry, I think you can land a palm strike to drain some stamina.

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