Countryballs Animated #8 - I'm Sorry

First Sweden then Canada, who comes next? D:

Here's a surprise episode for yall, i had a 2 weeks holiday and I thought i'd come up with a quick one! Hope you all enjoy, sorry if its a little rough, I had to rush this one ;w;

This comic of this animation was made and drawn by redditor White_Pikmin! (Do not give any credit of the storyline to me)
Check him out!

The Autonomous Region of Åland comic by White_Pikmin:

Watch the last episode:

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  • titanic playz

    Canada turned into granny

  • Mark Calton

    dat jumpscare tho...

  • Ninja of horizon


  • Pinhead Larry

    Better horror film than whatever’s in theatre right now.

  • Kayden Sanchez

    I’d just stay there until Canada stopped saying I’m sorry

  • axyre foryaplu42

    Back to the screen please

  • KillerWhale

    Guess we have a new creepy pasta

  • cyperwolf 800

    CANADA SCARE ME!!!!!!😥

  • TBNRMilky - Call Me Milky!

    Five nights at Canada.

  • Let God Burn The Queers

    Canada is weird and scary

  • Hoang Anh Nguyen

    man im here for fun not for Horro thing

  • Kazuki _Araya_GR

    No offend but i'll just grab a gun if that ever happens to me if a person said sorry over and over i'll just shoot him

  • Joseph Godinez

    Maybe Canada is “a little” too friendly

  • ShinyShinxTV

    Canadian horror story

  • Club0226

    oml i legit got scared xD

  • Mary joy Gelizon

    did i just get scared by the nicest country in the world

  • CyberBOT db

    ok i think i dont want to go to canada anymore

  • PacoTheTaco

    Canada's too nice to jumpscare someone

  • jared gameplay

    You scared the absolute hell out of me!Noice

  • Dabbing Flight

    Sweden: BORKCanada: I’m sorry(repeated infinite times)

  • Andrea931973

    how to spam as a Canadian IM SO SORRY IM SO SORRY (extra) also this is more like a move make more!

  • RJ Joson

    After that he got eaten by CanadaLike if you agree

  • Elegy —

    I have an idea of same thing but instead od canada saying im sorry its Sweden saying BORK and instead of ontairo denmark

  • Rainbow_wolf pl

    My live in a nutsell ;------;

  • Peridot TheClod

    0:55 Am i the only one who noticed that it was Spelled KCF?

  • Macie k

    Omg this jumpscare 😱

  • eyeoftheshydragon shine

    JAPAN who told u to give Canada creepy Japanese movies and take all his maple syrup then allowed him to go psycho and etc.

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